Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a couple of days ago my youngest brother went to school with an orange face.

you may wonder why, you may think to yourself it was a dressing up day or something of that sort, you may think it was an experiment gone wrong, a hundred thousand reasons may pop in your head, but i guarantee that you wouldn't think it was some practical joke from his oldest sister!!!

ok so we where kind of doing a spring cleaning thing the other day, and my youngest brother came across an Ester Lauder tanning lotion, to which he presumed was mine, it was sealed and still in its original packaging, i couldn't remember where i had obtained such a thing, I'm not the sort of person to buy fake tanning lotions, i then remembered that it had come with some hand cream i had bought like a zillion years ago.

anyway i was going to throw it away in the bin when i thought 'hmmmmmm i wonder if this stuff works?' no way was i going to try it out on myself, so i needed a volunteer, who could possibly be my sacrificial volunteer for the tanning experiment?

well i don't have pets, an albino rabbit would have been perfect, but sadly no albino rabbits are available in my household so it had to be the youngest.

'taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabet, where are you?'

tabet: 'I'm here' (why do they say I'm here, i say that as well, I'm here is not answering the question of where are you)

me: 'can you come to me please'

tabet: 'ok, coming'

runs like a maniac, the concept of walking is non existent in my youngest brother.

me: 'would you like to have soft skin' (who asks such questions, clearly i do)

tabet: 'what?' (i don't blame his confusion bless him)

me: 'soft skin, plus a glowing look, a handsome look, it will be good for your west side play (he's starring in his school production)

tabet: hmmmmmmm, ok, oh are you going to put that cream on me that i found?'

me: yeh, its expensive stuff so your privileged (!!!! cruel i know)

so i squirt this cream onto my hand, i expected a brown substance but was surprised to find it clear, and smothered it all over his face.

nothing happened, no change in colour, i was expecting instant touches but no such thing, so i told him when he wakes up he will notice a difference and boy did he notice a difference the next day looooooooooooool

the kid was an orange, he looked like he had eaten carrots all his life, swam in a pool of orange paint as well as injected himself in orange hormones loool.

i didn't get to see him until after he came back from school and he marched up to me and said 'every one said i look orange, do i look orange?

me: uuuuum, not orange, tanned.

tabet: yeh well I'm not having that thing on me ever again.

me: fair enough.

i haven't done something like this in ages, years even, oh how i laughed hee hee hee


Brave Heart said...

ohhhh,haram aliki WA, he is meskeen,if i was him i'll take the revenge by any way, i hope u don't do this with the patients in ur JB.

AngloLibyan said...

actually as soon as i read that your brother had an orange face i knew you used that tanning stuff, must be living in this country where people laugh at anyone that is orange :o)
apparently its vey popular with Scottish women according to a Scottish friend of mine.
poor Tabet, Allah bless him, he is so cute :o)

white african said...

lol brave no i'm not allowed to play tricks on the patients due to the sensitivity of illness and me playing tricks on them may cause more harm, boring no fun.

although occasionaly i will make up policies and have great fun in telling the patients that we now charge for prescriptions and for seeing the doctor.

anglo i think its because scotland doesnt see enough sun, alot of people are obsessed with getting the tan look?

ameen to your dua, thank you :)

The Godfather said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! You are so fiendish WA. Musta been so damn funny.

Rambling Hal said...

Hehehehhe, this cracked me up, and I think I'm gonna do this too, I love the idea! My own little brother should watch out now :)

amena said...

hehehhehehe..awwwww 7araam :oD but i still laugh! shame i dont have anyone younger to experiement on...bes i hope my sister never does that to me!!!!

NM said...

tut tut WOMAN, has the poor boy not suffered enough already :)

white african said...

godfather it was hilarious, no mentioning of this to my bro, he will kill me if he knows i have blogged about this.

rambling hal the test is to keep a straight face when they confront you with it lol.

amena do you have younger cousins? it can work on them lol

nm i havent done anything to him for ages, he had it coming.

red head said...

LOL. . I Wana Try It On My Bro! Hehe. .

Lady_WildKat said...

am laughing so hard i think my mum's going to wake up, so am writin one handed whilst i stuff the other in my gob to stop myself, oh bless my little Tippex

am so goin2 try that with Mr Sunshine.....hehehheh