Monday, July 10, 2006

my god! What a weekend...

I woke up bright and early sat morning so as to catch the coach from didsbury mosque to take me and about 60 other people to the Islam expo in London, I was really looking forward to it and couldn't wait to go see the exhibition and listen to talks and shop at the market and later in the evening attend the nasheed concert.

so I picked up ever the idealist from her flat and got to didsbury mosque in time, the coaches were supposed to leave at 6am sharp, but unfortunately as was expected we didn't leave on time, why do we always do that? set a time and end up leaving an hour later, there are more than one version of time, you have being on time which the west are generally good at, then you have all the other times ie Arab time, Somali time, Asian time etc... and there time is always LATE, so yeh we left after 7am cause we were waiting for a family who had woken up at 6 (the time we where supposed to leave tut tut), so eventually we left (2 coaches) and started our drive down the motorway.

so we get half way to London and stop at a service for refreshments, toilets etc... non of us had had any breakfast so we all zoomed towards the coffee and breakfast section of teh service, as you can queen nafititi and ever the idealist are all smiles cause they have filled up there tanks with food bless also wild cat and her brother the sun as well ketchup and her nephew had also filled there tanks so smiles everywhere mashallah
so we got back onto the coach and eventually arrived at Alexandra Palace, we had to walk up this hill, and i realised that alot of my friends are really unfit, guys how did you manage to climb mount sinai?

any way there was some confusion as to where to line up to get tickets but eventually that was sorted and we got out tickets and enetred the building, a security type dude stops you before you enter and requests to look into your bag, no searching bodies thank god, aint no man gonna lay a hand on me!

so we tried to head of to the exhibition section but every other step we would stop to say sallam to people we hadnt seen in yonks, ever the idealist wante dto slap me a couple of times cause i kept making them wait, sniff sniff, but look girl i would look really rude if i ignored people.

eventually we got to the exibition and the first section we enetred was the british islamic art, wow mashallah can those artists paint, its nice to know we have very talnted muslims, here are my fav ones:

and this one

and another

and this one was every ones fav, i think it was called something like 'who said the union jack doesnt have any black?'

so afet admiring the art we went in search of more things, and we found stalls representing all countries, but the one that caught our attention was Qatar cause the guy had something wooden stuck on his nose, and he was so entertaining bless him, he spoke to us about pear diving, and showed us the net they would use to catch the oysters and the wooden peg was to hold there nostrils together to prevent any water from entering, so cool, then he showed us some pearls mega cool, the black ones are rare and very expensive

thats it for now, i will blog more some other time inshallah


NATIVE FEMALE said... wrote something about the Expo....

now I regret missing IslamExpo I hope to be there inshaAllah.

AngloLibyan said...

I am glad you have enjoyed the Expo, i wonder though if you had the same thoughts as me, check my blog about Islam Expo.

The Rendezvous said...

Eh That was great.

All those paintings..arabic..

What about the next Islamic Expo..?

white african said...

yeh there were alot more paintings mashallah, so much talent, rendezvous they havent set a date for the next one but i think they are planning to don one next year inshallah

lostkitty said...

BTW, pick up ur fone u boo!

And send me ur pics from the Expo! Jzks!

Ever The Idealist said...

Salam banana! whats happeniong to the next instalment? I want you to upload more pics and write a fantastic bit about the rest of the expo - you know there is more to sleeping (or lack of!)

white african said...

i know i know, i have started iti seem to have a problem ending it, soon inshallah