Friday, July 21, 2006

it seems that the Muslim world is being torn apart limb from limb right before our very eyes, and all America can do is praise Israel and generally suck up to the regime that has brought havoc to millions of people in Palestine and Lebanon, we boast about how modern we have become and how advanced we are as a human race in the 21st century and frown at history and the barbaric attitudes of humans of long ago who ran amok and killed free style and caused distruction and chaos every where they went I guess the west in particular America and the 'only democratic state in the middle east' Israel if your trying to rack your brains are slightly confused about the past and present because from where Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan are standing the past really is the present.

here are fine examples of the flowers that America and Israel are throwing at the Muslims

imagine setting a country 20 years back, that's literally what Israel has done to Lebanon, the place looks like it was hit by an earthquake

injustice is not only handed out to the land but to those who live on the land they call home

look at the above pictures of the dead Lebanese children, that could be anyone's son or daughter, or younger sister or brother, or niece or nephew, or grandchild, really what harm did they do? There children for crying out loud, since when did revenge for 2 damned islreali soldiers (who probably killed thousands of Palestinian lives) take place in the form of killing innocent children? The parents of these kids brought them into this life with high expectations for them, the kids probably where laughing and chewing on a sandwich or sucking a sweet 2 seconds before they where hit by Israel, walahi its frustrating, you cant help but feeling immense anger when looking at these photos, there not going to start school in September, there not going to visit there cousins, aunts, uncles grandparents next week, there not going to go to buy there fav sweets from there local shop anymore, and there are hundreds more in the same situation.

our children are being killed and bush tells isreal that they have the right to defend themselves,!!!!! Against children??? yep justice has become a mirage of a time long ago, and what does Israel teach there children? This...

what a beautiful world we live in, thanks Israel for the gifts but we wont accept them, 'returned undelivered mail'....



was gonna blog about this but couldn't trust myself to put my thoughts into words.....

i read this with tears running down my cheeks....i pray for ALLAH to ease the pain of these people.

May ALLAH have mercy on those Muslims whose lives have been lost as a result of this brutal purposeless war that israel has launched on lebanon and the rest of the muslim world!

Anonymous said...

The world is not at war with Muslims, it's at war with radical Islam, who would rather take over the world and subject Christians and Jews to death if they don't convert, and then be subject to rule under a society with no freedoms of any kind.

Remember it was Hezbulla that took over Lebenon and surrounded themselves with civilians. Areas of the world controlled by radical Islamic groups are not peaceful areas, not areas where people are happy.

Radical Islam has been on the wrong side of history over and over, siding with groups such as the Ottaman Empire, Hitler and Saddam.

Muslims should unite and remove these radical Islam from their contries, instead they hide, while their countries are eaten away from inside, then they blame those who help.

white african said...

excuse me anonymouse, have you read what you wrote? radical islam? you see this is what annoys me about the media and people who wont research and who take things at face value, the word radical and islam just dont fit, when was the last time that an army of muslims attacked a so called christian or jewish state recently?, how many countries have been occupied by muslims whose inhabitants where murdered, raped, the buildings demolished etc... non, we tend to stick to our countries and then we get the so called west who ooze democracy coming into our lands and doing what you have accused muslims of doing, i dont see that as being a means of help i see this as causing chaos and destroying peoples lives.

tell me when was the last time you heard of a person killed for not converting to islam? and are you telling me that the country you live allows for total freedom? your media controls everything with out you realsing it.

islam is not the problem, its true what you say about muslims needing to unite, i agree you with you 100 percent, thats our problem our dis unity, we need to unite against the regimes like isreal and bush's middle east policy.

i couldnt help laugh when you said that radical islam has been on the wrong sideof history supporting the likes of hitler??? im perplexed which historical books did you read? this is a first for me, and for your knowledge many mulsims where also killed under hitler so enough of the brain washing i propose you read up on the real facts and a word of advice stop watching fox news and cnn believe me its not healthy for you


WA...I couldn't have given a better answer to anon'

Muslims siding with hitler?! as WA said....resesarch! and get your facts right..

The whole so called 'democratic' world is siding with israeli state....which is just the Nazi with a new face if you ask me...

Don't accuse muslims of siding with who you are siding with anon'!!

I don't understand why someone would comment on something they clearly don't know about...?!

lostkitty said...

I completely agree with everything u say - its damn frustrating to sit here and watch wats happening. Unable to help,to change anything... watching injustice spread.


Anonymous said...

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