Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm really sick and tired of the state of the Muslims, its the simple things that annoy me and makes me think if we cant get the small things right then how in the world are we even going to fix our major problems?????????
whats triggered this off, well its always been at the back of my mind this rant but this eid its brought it out to the forefront.

what are the Muslims thinking of when they celebrate eid 2 days after the day of Arafat???????

walahi it does not make any sense to me...

no explanation will make sense....

here in Manchester we have a group of people (many actually) who will be celebrating eid al adha on Wednesday, WHY?????

the day of Arafat is today, then logically Eid is tomorrow, get with it people...

when i ask people why are the clelbrating on Wednesday, the answer is 'I'm following my

well then what is up with these 'imams' who are telling there congregation to celebrate 2 days after the day of Arafat?

I've come to a conclusion, if its anything like what that man 'gaddafi' did last year i think, where he closed the mosques and forced people to celebrate eid on the day that 'he' decides (my hat of to the Libyans that still prayed in the fields and what not) then matter is a power thing...

enforcing your power on the people because you CAN and so WILL to make a point, to test them etc..

this is not just world leaders, theses are some of the Imams in the mosques.

the issue could be a political one, you have something against Saudi and want to make a point by not following them again cough cough Gaddafi as an example...

also it could be a matter of trust, (now this one i slightly understand) Saudi have got it wrong in the past (many times in fact) and some people are sick of the ahem ahem mis-calculation of the Saudis and so refuse to follow them.

even so once the day of Arafat is decided then you can do anything about it, its not like you can have a day of arafat when you want, also even if it is wrong its not us who will get the sin of celebrating it on the wrong day, it will be those who decided what day it will be celebrated.

so the point is stop getting on my nerves and lets get our act together, I'm seriously thinking of contacting all these 'imams' and letting them know what i think..

on a final note, Eid Mubarak every one, Kul 3am wantum bikhair, hope you and your families really enjoy yourselves and dont over do it with the meat ;)


Anonymous said...

i totaly agree with you,it drives me crazy when i see people celebrating on diffrent day,we can only hope that we all will be united one day,and stop being so stubborn,i know it could be a while untill that happens because you know what arabs are like :P

3eeed sa3eeed to you and your family,have a good one :)

may said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

كل عام وانت بخير

والى الله اقرب واقرب واقرب


dusk till dawn said...

eid mubark, wish u all the best ,hope it will bring happiness and cheer, days full of dreams to come true ,health and wealth,

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

HAte to correct you, but I lived through last year in Libya, and is was actually THE IMAMS that closed the Mosques RATHER THAN celebrate EID on the day tthe
''leader'' decided to. In the end
after SOME MOQUES called the Eid prayer the ''Leader'' made a statement declaring the day after Eid, the same day as Saudi. This act of control turned into a shambles....and you would not take it so lightly if YOU lived here.

Salams Sis
A Libyans Wife

white african said...

sallam ' a libyans wife' i dont fully understand your comment im afraid.

my negative ref to imams was for the matter occuring in my home town manchester it was not in ref to the imams in libya, like you said i dont live there so i dont know the full pic.

my refernce to libya was mainly at the 'leader' and not the people, if anything i mentioned i admired the people for standing up by celebrating on the day that it was meant to be.

anyway like i said im not really sure what you mean by your comment, it would be great if you can elaborate ;)

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