Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i thought the hard part of pregnancy was the labour part, evidently that's just the end product of pain, i did not expect to be in this much pain and i have 5 weeks left!!!!!!!!!

with every passing moment I'm more conscious of my mother and all she has done for me and my brothers starting with carrying me for 9 months subhanallah.

its true what they say that you really don't know the value of parents until you become one, may Allah give them a long life full of health, wealth and happiness (ameen).

so as well as appreciating the parents more and more, I'm more and more getting impatient and cant wait to have it over and done with (inshallah).

so far its been a journey of nausea, extreme tiredness and hatred of coffee all in the early stages, then came the honey moon period as people call it where you 'love' the feeling of being pregnant, and your so full of energy etc... etc... etc... (no idea where they get this from) and finally the i sound and feel like an elephant stage, if you thought your nose could never grow to the size of a melon - get pregnant and boy will it grow and grow....

i would say i was pretty lucky hamdullilah as i had a vomit free pregnancy and no serious issues like some ladies, but by month 7 the pains kicked in and it seriously gets so bad that i cant stay stood up and nearly collapse from it.

every one keeps saying 'not long to go now' but at the moment every day feels like 10 days.

gotta keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end inshallah.

perks are i don't feel the bitter cold like every one else, i have my own central heating inside ;)