Thursday, September 23, 2010

today i asked a student why she had not given me her homework like every one else.

her answer was: Miss i didn't realise i had to hand it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i asked her for the definition of homework, she replied 'i think it when you get given work to do at home and then hand in to the teacher'



Lebeeya said...

Gotta love their excuses :-)

Hows the pregnancy going?

Anonymous said...


love this blog.

7mada said...

Yorkshire lad of Libyan origin after a Libyan lass in the UK. Any ideas? Any Mancunian/Libyans?


white african said...

lebeeya preg is going ok, gotta be honest with you its hard ;(

im starting to waddle like a duck lol.

anon ;)

7mada there are alot of libyan girls in manchester but trust me they are all young, but in a few years they will be old enough for marriage lol

7mada said...

Thanks for the advice LoL.