Thursday, August 26, 2010

well its already the 16th day of Ramadan, how fast is it going? subhanallah.

due to my pregnancy Ive not been able to fast which seems soooooooo weird, and obviously feels like my Ramadan is lacking something which it is lol.

anyway, this Ramadan I'm spending it with my little brother thabet, my husbands in Libya and my parents are in Umrah (so wish i was with them).

I'm really proud of my brother, every day without fail, he has his initial iftar at the local masjid (which is at our doorstep literally) he prays maghreb and then comes home for his dinner with me.

he then helps me clear up and will go on the computer until isha time, gets ready and goes to the masjid to pray isha and taraweeh, he has done this every day so far, and was telling me that he loves it mashallah.

yesterday he came home early from taraweeh, looking really upset and as though he has had a fright, i asked him what was wrong and he said one of the men attacked him!!!!!

you can imagine my concern, what happened was apparently a ginger bearded man (my brothers description, i explained that it was probably dyed with henna) always hassles the children, telling them of, shouting at them etc... now my brother is no longer a child in the sense that he runs around the mosque, giggling, fighting and being a child, hes 16 so he understands the etiquette's of mosque manners, this man saw thabet doing tasbeeh and the prayer had already started so he shouted at him to get up and pray.

now apparently all this man does is watch people so thabet in anger said to him 'i will pray, what about you?'

(i did tell thabet that he should not have said that as he needs to take into consideration the mans age and respect him for that at least).

the man became angry with what thabet said, and so pushed him extremely hard so that thabet fell hard against the wall, he then began to hit him, punch, grabbed him, took him outside and strangled thabet before being stopped by the other men.

as you can imagine my brother was really shaken, and i was soooooooo angry, how dare this henna bearded man do this to my brother or anyone else (apparently its a daily occurrence for other kids).

i put on my hijab gear and went to the mosque, (this mosque is a men only mosque, no women allowed, i may have blogged about it in the past, any non-Muslim readers reading this, please be aware that this no-women policy has nothing what so ever to do with Islam, its a mentality gone wrong).

i stood outside, respecting there laws, plus many Libyan men pray in this mosque so i had to bear in mind the fact that i didn't want to be the most talked about female in Manchester by barging into a mosque, so i respectfully waited until my brother brought a mosque committee member outside to speak to me.

lets just say i was diplomatic, polite but extremely to the point and my words without sounding threatening, where actually threatening if that makes sense lol.

the man confirmed that thabet was and has been and is a well behaved member of the congregation and that the henna bearded man usually goes for the disruptive children, this of course angered me more and i reminded him about the prophets dealing with children and how his grandsons used to play on his back when he was in sujud in the mosque and the blessed prophet would stay in sujood until his grandsons had stopped playing, and he never once told them off or attacked children but instead encouraged them to pray in the mosque and use its facilities, so how dare this man abuse the children's trust in mosques and Islam, how dare he?

i warned him that this might not be the end of complaints as my dad is sure to do something about this when he gets back inshallah.


Anonymous said... like that make me so angry! who are they to tell off kids. the masjid should be a place where kids can play in safety.what masjid is this? hope thabet is okay :)

flowerlady said...

Dude go straight to the police its the only way! otherwise he will keep going ondoing the same thing!

white african said...

annon thabets fine hamdullilah, he got over it and it didnt affect his attahment to the mosque thank god, as for the guy, hes been sacked from his job of looking after the children, why he was given it to begin with god knows?

flower i did consider it but i didnt want the name of th mosque to be dragged through all that, but i was close seriously...

lostkitty said...

OMG!!! thats awful!! Astaghfirullah! If this guy is so uncontrollable in ramadan then whats he like the rest of the year?!

may said...

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

من العــــايدين الفــــايزين

ان شاء الله



Weldemdina said...

Child abuse is unacceptable act, this man thinks he is still in the dark ages, he is on an English soil so he should be careful otherwise he would end up locked up!! the committee should raise the issue with him to not touch any child, you brother was so polite and didn’t even hit back as a sign of respect for the elder however there is always a limit otherwise these kinds will get away with murder, peace and Eid Mubarak.

white african said...

may kul 3am wintee be khair, hope you had a great eid ;)

weld exactly, i think some sense has been put into the committe becuase the man has been stripped of all and any responsibilities, pity it took so long for them to do it.

eid mubarak.