Monday, January 19, 2009

although there is a cease fire at the moment, it goes with out saying that Israel cannot be trusted as they have continuously stabbed the world a ridiculous amount of times, so it wont be long before Palestine will receive another dose of what Israel refer to as 'medicine'.

yesterday (Sunday 18.01.09) there was a rally in Albert Square, Manchester.

sadly not many attended as the cease fire was announced so people presume that every thing was back to normal, sadly no....
people where asked to bring shoes and line them up on the stairs leading to the town hall...
the day before i attended a charity dinner hosted by Human appeal, Yvonne ridley came as a the guest speaker

Yvonne was the captured journalist in Afghanistan years back, and who later reverted to Islam and is now an activist concerning humanitarian issues world wide as well as a member of the respect party.

Human appeal managed to raise enough for 2 -3 ambulances for Gaza, each ambulance fully equipped costs around £25,000.

Human Appeal is one of the charity organisations that are able to actually send relief to Gaza, they are able to send food parcels, have supplied 100 beds and 200 mattresses to al-shifa hospital in Gaza and have replaced all the shattered windows in another main hospital in Gaza, supplying 5 intensuve care units with incubators, they work round the clock and those working in Gaza are continuously risking their lives to better other peoples situations.

may Allah accept their efforts...


lostkitty said...

its nice to see that so much is being done - but sad cos it has to be this way.

Pls go to my justgiving page and donate money for the humanitarian effort - all money goes to gaza via Islamic Releif who are on the ground there:

Anonymous said...

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