Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've actually been meaning to blog but each time i want to i cant as i have no computer or Internet at my flat (yet, I'm working on it), and when i am around a computer I'm to busy to sit down :(

any way i got a text this morning from a friend who claims she is bored and that i need to blog! well ok then lol...

so here i am sat in an Internet cafe, typing away, aware of the fact that time is of the essence.

i know i know I'm supposed to blog about the holiday, wedding etc... i will, i need to be in a certain mood for that.

i started work yesterday, wooooopeeeedooo da day....

before that i actually was not sitting at home twiddling my fingers as some people have accused me of (you know who you are), instead i have been running errands for my husband!!! he went back to work straight after the honey moon and because I'm had taken more time of he thinks i should benefit from my time lol.

plus my family from Libya didn't get there visas in time for the wedding, instead they got it after the wedding so they decided they would come any way, so they entertained us for 3 weeks.

the reason they where not given a visa straight away is because of the darn bureaucracies,

'we need 3 months bank statements'

ok, so we faxed them over

to which then they changed there minds and said actually we need 6 months..

ok them so we sent over 50 pages via fax

after that they said ummmmm actually we need the originals not copies.

well Libya's fantastic postal system meant it was near to impossible for us to send it via post, so we had to wait until some one was returning to Libya from the UK so we could get them to hand over an envelope full of 6 months worth of bank statements.

by the time they agreed to give the visas, the wedding was over and i was flying to Egypt.

double bloody standards...

anyway i have been busy with the extended family, and it was great to see them, i had seen them all recently (2003) whereas my mother last saw her sister 24 years ago!!! long time.

anyway i will blog soon i promise...


Lady_WildKat said...

am i the first blog on ur prisitne white comment page????- oh the honour....i may faint away...might have more to do with lack of food but oh well.......... actually i wanna say get a move on and write a blog properly, next to Tahnia's and Post-secret that my weekend email reading sorted and now i've got nothing to laugh at you about.

plus u, entertaining your rellies?- my bum, it was lovely Hamza bless his charming socks and mama who did all the hard work, u were to busy tied to the kitchen sink, lol

ASMA said...


white african said...

lady congrats on being the first lol :0)

now now tell the truth, kitchen sink!!! watever dudette, and i did take them out, the once...

asma thank you hun :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Sounds like life is rolling right along for you and you are adapting to your new adventure well, alhamdullilah. Also sounds like you had an extended wedding reception with the family getting then fun! I'll bet your mom and sister never stopped talking to one another after all those years apart. Thanks for the update.

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