Saturday, February 03, 2007

more pictures of Mina, i totally loved the place.

people buying there fruit and stuff, we where lucky we had our breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to us each day, some people don't get any food and have to venture out to get some, alhamdullilah getting food is not difficult.

food was not the only thing on show, sibhas galore, as well as so many more other items, but shopping in Mina really starts after you get back from muzdalifa, i know shopping in Mina!!!! who would have thought?

we couldn't resist buying some bananas, come on people, how could we not? now i really had an excuse to call them bananas looooool

random pictures of different parts of Mina, notice how it looks all the same, especially with most people wearing white, its very common to see people with umbrellas, clever really to shade from the sun, especially needed at arafat.

i love the mountains in the background, some from the group went climbing after asr to view the sights from above, apparently its worth the climb.

its common to see people lining up together to pray just like these men, people would join in and rows would form.

managed to grab a picture of people on the roof of a car which is a sight that you see everywhere, pretty cool, at one point i wanted to get onto the back of a lorry, or so i thought it was a lorry (it was when we where trying to get taxis back from the haram) so i came over to the driver and asked him how much to take us on the back of his lorry, the dude just ignored me, how rude, so i continued to pester him, to which he turns to look at me, smiles and doesn't say anything just points to something on his car door, so i take a step back, nervously laugh and walk away with him laughing loudly in the background, i had basically asked a police officer for a lift duh??

every where around Mina are water dispensers for drinking, people use it for all sorts of stuff other than drinking as you can imagine, brushing teeth, washing dishes, washing infant bottoms, washing clothes, go one let your imagination take over I'm sure what ever you can think of they did..
more people eating, i got addicted to 7up while i was there, i don't know why, i would just crave 7up and would send my little bro to get me a can, 1 riyal, very cheap...

remember those people who bring their on tents, well here are two little hajjis popping there heads out to say sallam

how cute is this little boy? mashallah, he was a right little poser and he seemed so happy with himself, and the kid new how to wear his ihram, may Allah protect and guide him, ameen.

we came across a map of Mina very handy incase you get lost, we where in the red section, kinda gives you an indication as to how big Mina is:

kiblah signes incase you forget which way the kaabah is, pretty cool

i thought i would entertain you with pic from different angle, one of the sky, no one looks up usually, but we where surrounded by helicopters all the time

and another angle of the ground, i was surrounded by feeeeeeeeeeeet

my first day at Mina was nearly over, i headed to the tea people for a cup of the fine lipton tea, tomorrow was a bright and early start for arafat.


The Godfather said...

LOL!!! The only time you get a lift from the Police is when you get arrested.

Ever The Idealist said...

beautiful pics, mashaAllah. I want to know if anyone from the group climbed the mountains at all? Only you and maybe Nemo would ask police officers for a lift!!

Chatalaine said...

I don't know what I thought went on in Mina. I guess I hadn't thought about it very hard. From what you have said and from your fantastic pictures and narrative I have decided that it is very much like a Christian retreat but on a much grander scale. It is a wonderful feeling to know that everyone around you is seeking Allah/God's love just like you are. And that everyone is thinking nice thoughts.
Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful experience.

AngloLibyan said...

carry on whiteafrican, waiting for the next day and more of your fantastic pictures.

Brave Heart said...

nice pics WA:
I HAVE QUASTION , why women like to wear black jilbab not white one.i cant understand that

Soleilmavis said...

Nice blog.

Lebeeya said...

Nice pictures! I am enjoying this trip really. Looking forward to Arafat :)

Keep 'em coming.. and please more pictures of cute brother!

white african said...

godfather thats why i nervously laugh, people can dispear over there lol.

ever salma and her hubby did, apparently the view is brilliant, i didnt realise he was a police man, although saying that i was desperate for a lift, do you think it would be bad to commit a minor crime if it means getting a lift?

chatalaine your most welcome and your right the feeling experinced are amazing, just being around so many people is inspiring.

thanks anglo, arafta next inshallah..

brave mostly because black is easy and it goes with everything and makes a person look slimmer and generllay woman like the colour black, although on araft day alot of woman chose to wear white, apparently in alot of cultures the woman wear white to symobolise purity and what not.

thanks soleil :)

thaks leebya, i do have more pictures of my bro coming up later :)

NM said...

I love the banana's pictures :)

white african said...

nm how you doing girl? how is egypt. i love reading bout your time there, hope the arabic is kicking in, im gonna test you when you get back girl and i want more than just alhamdullilah bekhair ok

flowerlady said...

Yo i so know that was a dig at me.

But mama just asked me questions which i had to respond using thoses sentences.

So there

white african said...

excuses excuses flower, how come i never hear you conversing in arabic eh?

flowerlady said...

Fungus you are so gonna get a tickling when i see you.

The Godfather said...

FUNGUS!?!?! What a classic.

white african said...

flower ama gonna kill ya, you just let godfather know what my other name is he is so not gona let this go, lol

godfather whatch your steps, becareful now...

The Godfather said...

Oh, you are so gonna get dissed with that name. Just you wait.

Don't worry, I have a nickname too. It goes by the name of Don Michaell Corleone. Feel free to use it.

flowerlady said...

Mister the only person that can call WA fungus is me.

And thats cos i have special dispensation from someone in authority to do so.

The Godfather said...

But I'm a rebel; I've never had any regard for rules, except that they are there to be broken.

white african said...

thanks flower but like the godfather said he dont know the meaning of rules,

anyway i dont care so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, i think fungus is a pretty cool name, its different

The Godfather said...

Damn right it's different, damn right.....I'm gonna start preparin my disses. LOL!!!