Sunday, February 11, 2007

i was going to type up my experience of muzdalifa (still am inshallah) but i got a call from 3 mobile company this afternoon (Sunday i know, why cant they leave people in peace).

they where offering new offers of 'buy one phone get another free' and the contract is 600 free minutes with 400 Free text messages, and you could choose from the oh so many new phones that keep appearing. well i told the man i wasn't interested in getting a new contract until my current one ends and i wasn't quite sure when it ended.

so he offered to find out when it ends for me and i stupidly said ok, so he needed my details of names, address etc... when he asked for my name he needed me to spell it for him and then said that's a 'unique name, I've never come across that before, where is it from?' so i explained that its found in the quran and gave him the meaning of my name, he then said 'so your Muslim?' to which i replied 'yep, that i am'.

i thought that would be end of that little diversion of conversation, but noooooo, things don't work like that for me, instead he said ' well I'm Muslim as well, my name is kassim, see Muslim name'

i didn't know what to say apart from correct his pronunciation of his name lol, he then said 'well that's how it should be pronounced but I'm so use dto working with English folk that the way they call me is stuck on me now'

ok, so i thought that would be the end of that diversion, but noooooooooooooooo

so he then goes on to say 'so do you mind me asking what ethnicity are you?' hmmmm do i answer that question, maybe telling him I'm Arab will end this diversion and we can get to the point of ending the conversation, 'I'm Arab'

'oh really, ok can i confirm your address please?' finally back to tracking when my contract ends, see i new being Arab would quickly change the conversation lol or so i thought.

so i told him my address, when i mentioned i lived in Old Trafford he said 'oh wow, see i used to live in chorlton just down the road from old trafford what a coincidence (is it?) i live in blackburn now but i still come down to Manchester and visit my friends in old trafford'

so what do i say 'ok, old trafford is a cool place' - i felt that i had to say something, that's the best i could come up with.

just as I'm about to tell him could we please hurry this up I'm kinda busy right now, he says to me 'do you mind if i request to become a member of your friend club?'

what!!!!! where did that come from?

so after a brief pause i said 'excuse me, my what?'

'i want to be your Friend'

looooooool, i had to put my hand over my mouth to stop my self from laughing out loud.

'ummm sorry that's not going to happen, i stick to a rule of female friends only'

telephone man: 'oh come on, don't be like that, I'm sure you can have me as a friend, a person can never have to many friends correct?'

me: 'maybe so but like i said i don't chill with male friends, not gonna happen'

telephone man:' come on your Muslim, I'm Muslim, you have a nice laugh (what!!!) you sound like a nice person, you never know'

me: 'ummm do you ask every female you call to be your friend?'

telephone man: laughs 'no no I'm not like that, so can i join you friend group?'

me: 'nope'

telephone man: 'i tell you what i will find out when your contract ends then give you a call later on to tell you the dates, in the mean time that gives you plenty of time to think about me and being your friend ok'

me: laugh from the sheer craziness of it all 'the date of the contract ending is all i require'

man: well we will see, bye'

and with that ended the conversation, how freaky and weird is that? who does that, calls there customers and then chats them up?

i need you guys to give me brilliant come back lines that i can say to him if he calls back, cause now he has my mobile number and i am sure i wont be hearing the last from him.

subhanallah some people are just created differently.....



That was funny....wierd guy. I guess you must have left an impression for him to chat you up like that ;)
loool freaky or wat?

Anonymous said...

How about putting your dad/brother on the phone next time he rings :D

The Godfather said...

LOL!!! What a classic. Give Bush the phone the next he rings; tell Bush to do his Scottish Drunk Person Act.....that'll put him in his place.

Monday's Child said...

hehehe I love that last line... I will keep that in mind in the future...

Monday's Child said...

hehehe I love that last line... I will keep that in mind in the future...

Chatalaine said...

WA keep your guard up. I don't like the sound of this guy and I think you should report him to the company he works for. Just because he said his name was this or that and he has this or that in common with you does not mean it is true. And I am sure that his asking to be your friend is not company policy. I smell a rat.

white african said...

native he was freaky seriously and not only that he calle dme back like 2 hours later from a private number, he told me when my contract ends but then brought up the subject of being 'my friend'.

i gave him the same line then he says well you can imagine im a girl with a male voice, ??????????? weirdo...

annon thanks for the suggestion, i thought of that but my father is abroad at the moment and my brother wasnt around.

godfather im gonna ask ahmed about this scottish act he does, how come i dont know bout this lol

thanks monday :)

chatalaine so do i a big rat, thanks for your comment, if he rings again then i will report him the weirdo, its def not proffesional.

AngloLibyan said...

that weirdo stopped you from continuouing the Haj diary! that uis very annouying.
I second what Chatalaine said.

ياسمين حميد said...

Generally speaking,I learnt to be almost rude to people who disturb me on the phone to offer anything. I don't shut the phone in their face (unless they are offering sweepstakes lol), but I am as brief as possible and don't answer any unnecessary questions. I used to chat with them, but it meant much annoyance and much loss of my AND their time, and besides they get alot of information about you which basically means even MORE phones and offers, and more adverts per post too.
Waiting for your Muzdalifa post.

Brave Heart said...

i thought he will be libyan at the end.
but how come he is arab and doesnt know the meaning of ur name.
u know what WA: u dont know where the nasib is, may be ur nasib with 3g company ,u r luck

white african said...

anglo my next post is inshallah muzdalifa, slightly side tracked but will get back to it :)

yasmin thanks for your comment, im usually the same with these advert calls, but i git sucked in, im sur ethey use hypnosis or something.

brave he wasnt arab he was asian that explains him not knowing the meaning, and i should hope that my nasib is not with 3, oh the horror :)

Lebeeya said...

"do you mind if i request to become a member of your friend club?"

LOL! How cheesy is that?

Next time he calls and he asks u that pathetic question again, just say "sorry no comment" (hahahaa I love saying that). I recommand you all to use this when u are in such situations. This my friends, when said at the right time, can win you an Oscar.. lol

white african said...

i know lebeeya he oozed cheeziness lol

that no comment phraze sounds good to me, i will try it whenevr i get myslef in awkward situations, thanks for the tip sis

NM said...

What a freak! Hilarious thou i must say WA you have a knack for finding th weirdest people :)

What on earth is a friends club? strange guys

miss you woman

Anonymous said...

lol that was WIERD
friend club.. how lame!!

eh keep ignoring,he'll know you are serious.... what happened to manners ?lol

white african said...

hey nm how you doin my soon to be arab speaking somali :)

im missing you to sis, love your blog entries keep them up.

ema your right its very lame and i really dont know what he was thinking asking me that lol

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