Saturday, August 27, 2011

i watch the news with excitement, i ring my family back home with anticipation for what they will tell me, the past few days have been like a dream, i pinch myself every time i watch re-runs of the compound falling in Tripoli.

speaking to family back home in tripoli i can already hear the difference in there voice, i never thought that freedom could be distinguished through a voice box, but it can, the voice of the liberated.

i'm so proud of my fellow libyans, they have shown the world that libya is a great nation and that without Gaddafi it will prosper, grow and become magnificent inshallah.

i speak to family in misrata and in benghazi and they all are happy for tripoli, they said that freedom was not complete until teh whole of libya is free and there right, i pray for the rest of libya to join in this new and beautiful feeling of being free, may it happen soon inshallah.

and as for gaddafi, he will eventually be found and justice will be handed out.


Anonymous said...

You're right . The people of Libya have already changed. I only wish that we were with them ....but mabrook !

Anonymous said...

GADDAFI GADDAFI GADDAFI GADDAFI GADDAFI....Wow I can say it publicly without fearing for family and friends at home.

Sis I was looking out for you. When everything was happening I was thinking where is White African? How does her Father feel?

As for me it is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. We have not spoken to family since before Ramadan, and even then that was the first time in months. We know howw they suffer, as they are in the countryside of Zliten , Majer, where they have been through a lot.

But En sha Allah everything will be balanced out, and we will look back at this time, and say Alhomdolelah, that we came through it in one piece.

Talk soon sister....En sha Allah we both get back to Libya (Misurata :) ) in the new year

Ps I have a public blog now
'' Seeking....''

libyazasvobodu said...

I feel so proud of Libyan people and what they have achieved! I am myself not Libyan, but I am so overwhelmed and excited with this victory! It also feels like a dream at times, something many people thought would not ever happen, but it did! Mabroooook! It will be the best Eid ever inshallah :)

Lebeeya said...

Alf Mabrook Fagusa 3ala el nasr! I totally understand the difference in voice. Everyone is so much happier and everyone is able to talk freely on the phone. Even with the lack of food and supplies people are duffering from, they are still very happy, alhamdulilah!

Please congratulate your family on my behalf.