Monday, May 03, 2010

ok this post is for lebeeya as she has requested some photos to be uploaded.
on Saturday i photographed a wedding so here are some of the photos, i haven't finished editing the whole lot, but some is better than none ;)

when i started photography it was more a hobby than anything else, then a friend requested that i do her wedding and since then Ive been doing quite alot of weddings, i enjoy it, actually i love it, but i soooo prefer travel photography, working with human can be a headache at times.

the other thing about wedding photography is the most times i cant upload pictures of the brides as they have got no hijab on, or don't want there photos shared with the world, so I'm limited to what i can post, hence the reason why my pictures that are uploaded tend to be of objects, flowers, cakes etc..

i may upload some photos from previous weddings too if the mood takes :))


[Lebeeya] said...

Thanks for the post whitey :) :)

Really awesome stuff and incredible work! What kind of camera and lens did you use?

eternal peace said...

beautiful mashaAllah sis :-) i really want a SLR camera have no idea how they work but really fancy giving it a go because I love capturing moments

khadijateri said...

Oh how funny! I call the girls with the HUGE lump under their scarves karkubah heads... this is a karkuba head aroosa!! lollolololololol.. I didnt think it was possible. I wonder how long it will be before we see them in Libya!

white african said...

lebeeya your most welcome and hope your feeling better. i always use a canon slr, love them.

eternal get one if you can, well worth it, the picture quality is so much more obvious and plus you will have so much more fun

khadija lol at karkoub head, i see what you mean by it, i dont think its gonna take long for the ladies to pick it up, hijab is becoming a fashion accessory and people compete on the biggest hijab


piccolina said...

OMG i wish i knew about this before i get married i would had DEF hired u