Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it takes sooooooo long to upload all the pic on to blogger but i was patient :) so here are samples of the syrian holiday, it was such a brilliant time spent with my family :)

i guess its too early in the morning for tabet, breakfast at manchester airport..
duty free in istanbul airport, 6 hours transit killerrrrrrr
the leader bashar al asad not in the flesh of course but his pictures are every where in syria, i guess like most arab countries its compulsary to plaster there face in all buisnessess as well as street corners like the above.
the shrine of ruqayayh the daughter of al hussain, they have built a huge mosque around her shrine sponsored by Iran.
inside her shrine.
the ommayad mosque minaret
in the courtyard of the mosque.
this is the tomb of prophet yahya's head (john the baptist), the story goes that his head was a request for mahr from a woman who hated prophet yahya.
inside the tomb.
inside the mosque, the feeling was so nice, kids playing, people resting, praying, contemplating etc..
stepping out into the courtyard, theres a building that has the above signes that translates to the 'tomb of the head of al hussain' the son of the great khalifah ali karam allah wajha. apparently the rest of his body is buried in cairo.
inside the tomb.
from the outside, thabit posing.
many people tie green ribbon around the railings of the tomb, i have no idea what this indicates, many where rubbing there scrafs and material on the tomb asking for blessings and cures for diseases, why ask the dead when one can ask allah?????
like this lady for example!!!
and this one..
rules and regulations of entering a mosque...
plastered on the mosque wall outside are many requests like the above 'kidney any one?'
the market opposite the mosque..
the holes in the ceiling are bullet holes from the french during the occupation.
round the corner from the great mosque is the tomb of salah al deen, the liberator of palestine, may allah have mercy on him, such a great man..
his tomb..
ok thats it for now, plenty more to come inshallah...


Anglo-Libyan said...

I have known about these places but have never seen them before, great pictures, thank you.

Tabet is grwing into a young man, MashaAllah :o)

geda twati said...

Syria is a beautiful country, I visited Syria when I was a child

MusicLover said...

Beautiful photos as usual, when I was living in Lebanon, my father took me to Damascus, Amman and Jersualem by car, great memories.

Hope your father is doing better, very noble thing what your father is doing regarding Bosnia.

Many of my co workers are Bosnians who are Serbs, Croatians and Muslims. Just two weeks there was a rock concert in Portland by White Button
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bijelo_dugme they are legend in Yugoslavia, they are from Bosnia. Thats only time you could see the whole community from Yugoslavia happy together remembering the old good times in Bosnia under Tito.

Bijelo Dugme



My co worker Bosnian Serb she is crazy about the lead singer who happens to be Bosian Muslim.

I always make fun of her car because it looks like an Orthodox Cathederal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I saw similer shrines in Kashmir and Pakistan. Some of the shrines there attracted women who were having trouble conceiving, they were making dua at the shrines in hopes to become pregnant. I could understand their sorrow and even felt empathy towards them because of their problems but I really couldn't understand why they thought praying at a shrine would help!

Emma said...

Salam Alaykom... Masha Allah so beautiful pictures.... I like your blog, my husband is from Libya and i hope one day we can move there, insha Allah....