Tuesday, July 07, 2009

in a European courtroom a three-month pregnant veiled mother, Marwa al-Sherbini, was stabbed 18 times to death by a German 28-year-old attacker, identified only as Axel W, who was “driven by a deep hatred of foreigners and Muslims,” according to a German official.

Axel W and Sherbini, an Egyptian living in Germany, were in court for the former’s appeal against a €750 fine for an insult to her headscarf, hijab, in 2008 he had called her a terrorist for wearing a headscarf.

Attempting to rescue his wife, Elwi Okaz -- who was present with their child -- was shot when a policeman opened fire in the courtroom. Okaz is now in a critical condition in hospital with an unpredictable future, whether dead or survived.

In Europe, the continent of freedoms and democracy, the hijab is still unacceptable by many Europeans, though, as a dress code for Muslim women, the hijab neither insults nor provokes others.

Sherbini’s mere crime was wearing the hijab and reporting a discriminatory act she faced, thus becoming a “terrorist” and deserving death -- at least in Alex W’s eyes. A few Western media outlets reported the case and referred to the murderer’s “hostile toward foreigners.” - hostile, god i hate how the filter the sheer evil of this man...

stabbed 18 times, 18 times????? what was the court room doing counting, cheer leading him on? why didn't any one try to stop him? 18 times, my god!


eternal peace said...

salaams sis
i had similar thoughts i know i cant believe how does someone stab 18 times in a place where thered security?it which leads to the question who are they really protecting? this case is like layers of injustice upon injustice, 1st a sister is terorised for wearing hijaab,and the stabbed in courtroom in front of a her husband and son,the sisters also preganant and then her husband is also shot
may Allah have mercy on the sister grant her jannah,may the brother have a speedy recovery and may Allah grant them patience ameen

Anonymous said...

Salam Alaykom... Here in Swden the news didnt speak about it at all! Subhana Allah, and the police officer who shot the husband, he just asumed the "killer" was the arabic man! This is only one of many examples...