Thursday, April 02, 2009

i had an appointment with a dentist to check my teeth out as i hadn't been to a dentist in 3 years, I'm not NHS as i cant find one plus when i do there is a waiting list aaaaaa.

anyway so of i go for a consultation. i open my mouth, he hmmmms and haaaas at my teeth, tells me that i need a root canal as well as various fillings and says it will cost over £900 !!!!

and gave me a bill of £40 for looking at my teeth. well as you can imagine i was not impressed nor happy.

the second day i was sat at my parents home grumbling to my mum about the price of dentists in this country, when my dad walked in to the room, saw my face and asked:

shin fee? (whats up)

me: baba, its so annoying, blah blah blah dentist, blah blah prices.

baba: seriously? root canal at your age?

me: yep, sadly that is the case.

baba: laysh matimsheesh il tunis? (why don't you go to Tunisia?)
me: Tunis?
baba: yep, they have cheaper treatment for teeth, you should look into it, might get a holiday out of it.

so i researched and found that quite a few brits travel to Tunisia to sort there teeth out and enjoy the sun at the same time.

booking the hotel and flights as well as treatment still cost less than paying for dental treatment in the UK, plus i got a holiday too.

i booked the hotel in Souse and my husband works with a Tunisian dude whose sisters best friend is a dentist, got her number an arranged an appointment to see her.

only thing was she lived in an area called 'al-hincha', about an hour away from where i was staying, and because it was not a tourist area, transport was not easy to get hold of, but it was an experience, and we met the locals and it was great.

we thought we might check on a local dentist in sousse about a minute walk away from the hotel.

the secretary (who wouldn't stop laughing and smiling) asked us to enter the dentist office, we walked in and found a man chain smoking, coughed and asked us to take a seat.

he asked what the problem was, i explained to him and then he told me to follow him into another room, asked me to sit on the dentist chair thing, put the light over me, and without washing his hands or putting on gloves, he put his fingers in my mouth!!!!
lets just say my husband was not impressed lol.

so we decided to stick to the one that we had an appointment with, and hamdullilah she was excellent, and her facilities where brill and she was hygienic lol.

i had to have three separate sessions, and every thing including root canal, ceramic tooth and crown, cleaning my teeth, fillings and removing an extra tooth cost me...... £230!!

plus i really had a great time visiting all sort of places...
view from the hotel.
love the spelling
my obsession with windows, doors arches etc..
the mosque in sousse
anglo this ones for you :)
this cracked me up, a 'for sale' sign lol
the castle in sousse
biscuite seller
coffee :)
it was orange season...
mosque in monastir
castle in monastir
i love these little shops..
train station in monastir
souq in hammat
so cool found this on one of the doors in the castle in hammat
view of hamamt from castle
we went to a small petting zoo in port al kintoui
i fell in love with this rabbit
the port
ok i think i have uploaded enough for now, i will leave you with one more photo :))


Anglo-Libyan said...

I love Tunisia, nice country with nice people.

so when are you going to send me the cute tortoise? lol :o)
I have 2 Tunisian tortoises.

you got me thinking now, next time I go on holiday I will inshaAllah get my teeth looked at, well done.

Pink said...

i love all ur photos, they're so well shot and lit - are u using a dslr?

ummm said...

Wow mashallah, what a deal!
I thought the hijab was banned in Tunisia, but they let you wear it?

Anonymous said...

Check your Hepatitis B , C and probably HIV for this price. If they are not using disposible material and sterilization is not used properly in the clinic, infection rate from used material will be very high like what happened in Libya.

white african said...

anglo tunisia is very nice, about the tortoise i contemplated bringing it back but i didnt know where to hide it lol.

pink thanks :0), it is an slr

umm, hamdullilah no issues towards me regarding the hijab, plus i saw many hijabis over there and apperntly the numbers are growing.

anon wow thanks for the negativity, i did my research and saw the steralisation process and nothing dodgy about the price, uk really rip people off with their prices!!

رفيقة الحج said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك وطهورا إن شاء الله

Anonymous said...

صور روووووعة...المصور شاطر فعلا

Anonymous said...

do you know your blog made me thinking if Manchester the price is900 then London would be double, since I live in London and I need total referbishment to my teeth so I have to check up in another place.

Anonymous said...

did you see the effect instead of writing post I wrote blog I was shocked by the price.

OthRez said...

Ure case is not unique .. There is a lot of UK citizens taking Medical-Touristic trips to Tunis. Libyans too ..
Happy to see that u enjoyed ure trip here in Tunisia .. Ure last picture is very nice :)

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