Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the other day i had the pleasure of attending a henna, the bride was half Algerian (Mum side) and half Libyan.

she wore a traditional Algerian henna gown, red and gold with a crown so cool. the room was a mixture of Libyan and Algerian ladies and many of the Algerians where married to Libyans.

I've taken some photos of the henna stuff to share with you all:

a party wouldn't be a party without the tea and coffee

and the sweets that accompany it it was very similar to how Libyans have there henna, the candles, henna paste etc...
she placed henna in the middle of the candle holder

and then mixed it with perfume, first time i ever see this

and then of course the candles where lit
and before we left the handed us little favours
it was a nice night mashallah.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Sounded like a fun evening indeed. It would have been nice to see the traditional Algerian outfit, but understand out of respect it would probably hard to just capture a photo of the outfit alone.

As always though, you take great photos along with describing the event so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

salams white African, that was khadija's henna wasn't it? There are so many half Algerian half Libyan families around.

Anonymous said...

Salam White African, please post more on your blog about life in Britain! I await eagerly any new addition only to find it very brief. Great photos though.
Minn Leebya.

Anglo-Libyan said...

mabrouk to the happy couple and best wishes inshaAllah
I know the father, he is a good man :o)

white african said...

wassalam ibee, it was fun mashallah :)

annon 1 yep it was indeed, did you go?

annon 2 wassalam, will try to post as regularly as i can, problem is my lif eisint intersting enough to post all the time :)

ameen anglo, the bride deserves the best mashallah.

lostkitty said...

damn, am so envious of that camera!!!!!!