Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've not blogged in a while because I've been away doing umrah :)
mashallah it was fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing subhanallah.

i was really excited to go because the last time i was in mecca and madina was 2 years ago for hajj and that is where i met my husband who was part of our group, so we both experienced hajj but separately and this time we where to travel together and perform umrah together so it was nice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :)

we arrived in jeddah at around 10pm, we got driven to mecca which is about 40 -45 min drive, got taken to the hotel, rested a bit and then walked the 5 minutes to the haram, and seeing the haram again was amazing, the whole place takes over you and you forget about all your problems, life, bills, application forms etc... its simply serenity...

obviously i took pictures but the ones inside the haram where from my mobile as my camera is too big to hide and it would have been taken away from me, so my mobile it had to be and it did ok...

sun set on my way to medina...

they are alot more stricter in madina with the camera so i was only able to take the one photo :(

whilst i was there i took a pic of a cat what i didnt realise was that the cat was playing with something, my worst night mare a coakroach yuk!!!

finnaly some pic of the mountains on the way to jeddah

its always weird to come back after visiting mecca and madina, you kinda get absorbed by the life style of praying in the haram and listening to the adhan and generally having more ibadah in your life.
mecca and madina is filling up pretty fast with people who are coming especially for ramadan, by the time we left it was choca block...
oh and libyans where every where, seriously every time i would come to pray garenteed i would see or hear a libyan lol, mashallah :).


WEDA said...

really woderful place we hope that we can go there one day...hamdolelah ala alsalama

Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah, Alf Mabrouk to both of you.
great pictures too, reminded me of your wonderful Haj diary, is it really 2 years ago?? time flies!

LoveLyH said...

حمد الله عالسلامه
و إن شاء الله يتقبل الله منكم وعقبالنا يارب

كل رمضان وانتي طيبة وسالمه يارب

صور جميله و رائعه من بيت الله

Muslimahs said...

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah sister, Those are some really beautiful pictures mashaAllah and may Allah accept your Umrah. (The second bit should have come first lol, but it only shows what my mind is excited about..!!) I wonder if I could have any high resolution images of the Haram (ANY beautiful ones, preferably with no faces etc). I work in an Islamic magazine, and would like to use them for the upcoming Hajj issue... JazaakiAllah khayr, please e-mail me back, I would really appreciate that.

white african said...

thank you weda and 3ogbalak inshallah :)

anglo thank you, it really has been 2 years or coming up to it subhannallah, time does indeed fly.

lovely ameen sis and thank you for your sweet message, ramadan kareem inshallah.

muslimah wallaykum assalalm and thank you for your message.

your are welcome to use any of the photos i have uploaded on my blog and if you want i can send you others, i cant seem to access your profile to get your email so email me on sondesmalek001@yahoo.co.uk so i can send you more photos inshallah.

Good Girl said...

Asslamo alikom:

Umrah mubaraka inshallah. may Allah reward you all the Ajer inshallah.

Ramadan Kreem.

Anonymous said...

wow...those places reminded me of the last time I was there....Anyway if u noticed the time i posted this, its after sahur....:P

Caught in the middle said...

Alf mabrouk on the umra.
Ramadan Kareem