Wednesday, September 13, 2006

saw 3 is coming out soon, usually i dont like sequals and prequals but this is different people this is saw,

so who is up for watching this???


AngloLibyan said...

I have seen Saw1 & Saw2. very creepy but enjoyable.
I had no idea that there was Saw3!!
i will be watching that InshAllh, i bet the Chinese fake DVD sellers already have it :o)
anyway their DVDs are usually very bad quality.

md said...

count in me in whitey

white african said...

cool md, will do inshallah.

yep i didnt realise either that theres a saw 3 until yesterday, but after watching saw 2 i kinda guessed that they would do a 3rd one.

they probably do already have it and even if they dont they will soon lol,

NM said...

We can't go without AD, watching her squeal MAKES the movie :)

Hana Agil said...


Ever The Idealist said...

well you can count me in too. i can't wait to see it. i don't squel. i SCREAM! there is a difference you know NEMO

white african said...

ummm it did sound like a squeal from where me and nemo where sat loool classic.

hana g how rude? yawn you wrote i will have you know saw is brill sis, you gotta come with us cause we will convert you to the saw fan club...

lostkitty said...

Amazing movies!
I wanna come, I wanna come..take me, take me!
These movies r genius - and watching certain ppl "squeal" does have huge apeal ;-D

white african said...

its coming out in October kitty so get your london self down here

Ever The Idealist said...

i take offence to been labelled a squeler.i will prove myselfin this movie. you guys make it sound like i am your entertainment rather than the movie. ask the banker to come along too

white african said...

ever you know you squeal buts dont be ashamed weve all got faults, yours just happens to be a funny one loooooool

NM said...

ETI: you know you squeal and yes you do provid the humour in all the horror movies we go and see. T you have to come inshallah.

i propose we sit ETI next to the banker ( you couldn't get too opposite reactions) i feel a classic coming up

NM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
white african said...

looool nm we need to bring a camera or something to capture this

Ever The Idealist said...

shut up! shut it you. i might just go with the banker and none of you stinking people...huh so there

white african said...

ok in that case we give the camera to the banker loooool

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